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She loses her cool as if a rock tossed at a glass house,breaking through the tension of napalm skies,coming like a villain,staying like a lifesaver in the hills of California.Smoke billows through her flared nostrils.Embers hover under her eyeliner.When she slips through the door, calmness cascades in waves of…

Make it look like an Accident

Originally posted on Drink Coffee Write:
“Life insurance,” Alison said. “What are you getting at?” Virgil lifts a brow. “Aunt Karla is old, and—” “Oh, no, you don’t!” Virgil said through his bared piano white teeth. ?”It’s about time she died,” Alison said. “Besides, she has the money we need. Life insurance.” “Wait.” Virgil leaned…

Kiss & Fight

Far too jealousI tell usI’m off the deep-endIt’s hell waiting for the weekendWhen I can see you nudeon Saturday afternoonPretend that you love meI’d intended on wheneverBut you never end a fight you startedChoices of mine that I couldn’t defineArrived on a late SeptemberA Dear John letterJust when I thought it was overI pulled aContinue reading “Kiss & Fight”

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