Baby Blue Lake

I yawned from under the covers, stretched to an audible crack in my back, and batted my red-from-last-night-drinking eyes open at our modest Blue Lake cabin. The cool, crisp smell of night gave way to sun-warmed earth. I sat up and twisted to where Jenna should be (had she not left) and brushed my hand […]

Baby Blue Lake


Drink Coffee Write

She loses her cool as if a rock tossed at a glass house,
breaking through the tension of napalm skies,
coming like a villain,
staying like a lifesaver in the hills of California.
Smoke billows through her flared nostrils.
Embers hover under her eyeliner.
When she slips through the door, calmness cascades in waves of dopamine, resting on the hillside.

(© 2021 AC)

(Wattpad,Amazon Kindle.)

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Make it look like an Accident

Drink Coffee Write

“Life insurance,” Alison said.

“What are you getting at?” Virgil lifts a brow.

“Aunt Karla is old, and—”

“Oh, no, you don’t!” Virgil said through his bared piano white teeth.

”It’s about time she died,” Alison said. “Besides, she has the money we need. Life insurance.”

“Wait.” Virgil leaned in and whispered, “What are you saying? She should—”

“Die. Yes, that’s what I’m saying.”

“And thatweshould kill her?”

“So, it’s like this—”

“I know that look.”

“What look?” Alison batted her long lashes.

“I don’t know; thatI’m an innocent damsel in distresslook.” Virgil blew out his lips. “I can’t believe this. You want me to do your dirty work?”

Alison bit her fingernail, then said: “You make it sound worse than it is. I don’t want her murdered.” Alison paused. “Just like an accident kind of thing.”

“And why should I help you?” Virgil lifted a…

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December Camgirl

Drink Coffee Write

I love to watch her cam.

She looks at me nude, sucking her thumb, coming undone, giving me a sultry smile. A stocking cap covers her ears, blowing me a kiss.

Her lips leave guilt on my tongue.

She holds balls in her hands, panting, sharing a wink.

She leans forward, glancing over her shoulder toward the cam, placing the balls on high.

I twitch as her hips grind on a toy, biting her bottom lip,

Raking her fingers through her hair; she moans.

Sweet honey from the fresh branch drips to a puddle beneath.

An angel rests atop.

The Christmas tree looks perfect.

(© 2021 AC)

(Wattpad,Amazon Kindle.)

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Why Angie’s Mad

Drink Coffee Write

Never been good at letting go

for you know I show more emotion than time

finding what’s missing

a picture of you

is mine

in the bottom drawer

collecting dust

when we used to trust

I felt pure lust

now there’s a jar of rust

the heat I couldn’t bear to touch

Sleeping with eyes focused on the ceiling

She pushes her way through the locked door

making a fuss

turning heads

causing a scene

fucking stop

the neighbors will call the fucking cops 

I’ve given you a house on the top of the hill

What’s the deal?

Naivety is so not chill

Popping the question is rather ideal

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Buried Alive

Drink Coffee Write

Buried Alive by [Andrew  Cyr]

Shannon hated her mother. I didn’t care for the woman either, but I had no reason to see her dead, at least not at first. But Shannon, Shannon wanted the bitch dead as fuck. I couldn’t reconcile the sweet, long blonde-haired churchgoing girl with the vicious, spoiled brat. But here she was, and here I am, driving in a car with the woman I love right after I may or may not have killed Shannon’s mom.

(© 2021 AC)

(Wattpad,Amazon Kindle.)

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Kiss & Fight

Far too jealousI tell usI’m off the deep-endIt’s hell waiting for the weekendWhen I can see you nudeon Saturday afternoonPretend that you love meI’d intended on wheneverBut you never end a fight you startedChoices of mine that I couldn’t defineArrived on a late SeptemberA Dear John letterJust when I thought it was overI pulled a […]

Kiss & Fight

Sex & Fightin’

Drink Coffee Write

Lipstick-stained cigarette kisses gloss over the candle beneath the wax melts its wick to the beat of steady passion the sheets we speak with our hands tangled with voiceless apologies we say what drips from the crack in the ceiling with our feelings; an emotional kaleidoscope reflects the rising sun, lingering in between a dream and what’s real now we’re even.

Dusting off Dreams

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